How AMC Theatres plans to compete with MoviePass

How AMC Theatres plans to compete with MoviePass

MoviePass has been all over the news in recent months, but AMC might be trying to steal the spotlight.

AMC's new service is about twice as expensive as MoviePass' offering, which charges customers $9.95 per month for daily trips to the movies, though subscribers can't view the same movie a few times or share their accounts with others. AMC Stubs A-List is AMC's next evolution of delivering unbelievable benefits to our loyal customers, and we're excited to continue to grow the program by leaps and bounds.

Dubbed the "AMC Stubs A-List", the subscription service will cost $19.95 per month and kick off on June 26. You can even see all three movies in the same day with a short buffer period between them.

The comment has been interpreted to be a dig at MoviePass, which was originally founded in 2011 and has been seen as a major disruptor for the movie business. If you don't have time to make it back to the theater multiple times a day, you can see all three movies the same day, as long as there is a two-hour buffer in between showtimes.

While MoviePass is a cheaper option, Variety said AMC will also offer their subscribers screenings in IMAX, Dolby Cinema and RealD.

A-List also allows advance purchase instead of MoviePass's buy-at-the-theater model (a nightmare for popular movies without reserved seating), as well as IMAX and 3-D tickets. Since its inception in 2011, AMC Stubs has continued to evolve to meet the needs of its customers, as it did in 2016 when we introduced the free tier, AMC Stubs Insider. It comes with a handful of other perks, including some free food upgrades, express service at the box office and concession stand and no online ticketing fees.

MoviePass forcefully responded to AMC's announcement on Wednesday. The theater chain expects the service could cost the company $5-10 million in ticket revenue in the next six months, but that those losses are worth future gains. Shares of Helios and Matheson Analytics, the parent company of MoviePass, plunged more than 29%.

"Thanks for making us look good AMC!", the MoviePass tweet read.

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